Child Abuse: Is Anyone Listening to Our Children?

Tina Swithin, author of “One Mom’s Battle” has written a great article on Child Abuse:  What are we teaching our children?

Child Abuse
Child Abuse

It infuriates me that we must send children to live with abusive parents, when WE know that they are being abused. Still, if we don’t comply, we are said to be alienating our children from the abusers. How can we be expected to send our beloved children, those who trust us to care for them and keep them safe, to live with an abusive parent? Our judicial system is SO misinformed! Please help us make changes and educate the court system about living with a sociopath/psychopath!

Child Abuse: Is Anyone Listening to our Children

So, where is a parent to turn? It can oftentimes feel hopeless to deal with a narcissist or psychopath in a custody situation. My ex won’t acknowledge any accomplishments that she has while in my care. He won’t attend her functions (but is now trying to use the fact that I had her in activities such as mini league, pre-school, dance and gymnastics as “proof” that I allienated him from her.) It is difficult to see your child go through this and try to make sense of their father (or mother) who is doing these things. I also had our daughter in therapy, which he has put a stop to. He never gave his permission. In fact, the therapy started long before the divorce process and I never considered that he would need to give his permission for something that couldn’t harm her. It’s not like it was “medical”. Nothing was given to her or taken out of her. Can he “get” me on that? Who knows. I guess time will tell. Until then, I’ll keep on doing what I think is right for her.

Recently, our daughter said Daddy had been wiping her with his hand. While I don’t think he would do anything intentionally sexually abusive, it is definitely strange behavior that shows that he gives no respect for her boundaries. child services was involved and of course, it came out “inconclusive”. In cases of KNOWN abuse, such as the emotional abuse of our daughter, it is very frustrating, as it seems nothing can/will be done. Please leave your comments below if you have any ideas on solutions to this problem.


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